I have found that the easiest way to mock TypeScript objects using Jest is by simply doing this:

const obj = {
   prop1: "some string prop",
   prop2: 50
} as any as MyType

Now we can use obj anywhere MyType was expected and can use jest.spyOn(obj, ...) to the heart’s content.

Frameworks like jest-mock-extended do similar work but I find that they’re an unnecessary abstraction that prevent the test from being expressive and obvious. I like that there’s nothing between the mocked object and then test code, and you’re able to see the lack of magic explicitly.

For me a good test framework should allow you to mock out dependencies easily and the combination of this trick and Jest’s spyOn do the trick well enough.

Yes, the as any as trick is a bit awkward and you shouldn’t need the as any detour, but I will invoke Kent Beck’s second rule of simple design, i.e., reveals intention, and go with it.